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Elizabeth Vezina


Elizabeth Vezina

Mary Orns

Mary Orns

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My name is Mary Orns

I started my journey in Cavaliers at birth. I am a second-generation Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder and Conformation dog show handler.  
I am a member of the Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel Club, USA and American Kennel Club. I started showing my dogs at age 6. The love for the breed and passion for the sport of dogs has only grown over the years. 

As a junior I received CKCSC, USA Top Junior Handler in 1999 and 2000. I have had the pleasure of showing many Cavaliers to their AKC Championship and Grand Championship. I take great honor in giving back to the sport by holding various board positions on CKCSC of North Texas and CKCSC of the Midwest. 

I owe all my success to my mentors over the years who have in entrusted me with their dogs and coached me to success. Pat McCaslin of Manorhouse Cavaliers, Paula Alders of Alderbridge Cavaliers, Fankie Hall of Bekenhall Cavaliers and my mother, Elizabeth Vezina of Bluebonnet Cavaliers who is my biggest cheerleader. I look forward to carrying on the Bluebonnet Cavalier Kennel.  

Mary Orns Breeder


My name is Elizabeth Vezina

I met my first Cavalier in 1983 on a boating trip with friends.  Immediately I fell in love with those huge brown eyes and forever wagging tail.  Having a specific breed and raising and showing dogs had always been a dream of mine influenced by my Granny who had a couple of Poodle litters when I was young.  Now I was sure what breed I wanted to investigate.  After much research and many calls, in August of 1987 my husband gifted me my first Cavalier for my birthday.  Snickers (a Blenheim) came to us through the airport, as there were no Cavalier puppies to be found in DFW at that time.  After entering a couple of shows, I quickly learned that I didn’t have a show dog, but she did have a few litters which led me to improving my line.

Over the years, I have always put health and the betterment of the breed as my highest priority.  After 5 generations and a break in breeding and showing, I began again with our Tri-color, Jazz who earned his AKC GC on Jan. 5, 2019.  I have 5 Cavaliers now and am having fun loving and showing them.
As much as a working mom could, I got involved with local and regional Cavalier clubs.  Mostly from a committee standpoint and helping with shows as much as possible.  My first true office was with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of North Texas (CKCSCNT) as a founding Director.  In that capacity, I chaired 4 AKC shows in the Dallas area.  Since that time, I have held other offices which include Treasurer, and now President of CKCSCNT and Director for Cavaliers of the Midwest (CMW). 
I have enjoyed these experiences a great deal, but the most satisfying and exciting part for me (next to living with the most wonderful dog breed in the world) has been watching my daughter grow into a great Owner/Handler with her Cavaliers.  I look forward to what the Bluebonnet Cavaliers will do in the upcoming years.  

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